Blackout – The Series


Italy, 2014, 8 ep., 200’, col., HD
di David Valolao
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay David Valolao, Gioele Fazzeri – Fotografia, montaggio/Cinematography, editing David Valolao – Musica/Music Gioele Fazzeri – Interpreti/Cast Alberto Resti, Antonio Pauletta, Fabio Chiappara, Daniel Bozzo, Sara Lucariello, Michela Garibaldi, Alessandro Corsi, Guido Laurjni – Produzione/Production Triad Production

We follow the story of a priest, father Gioele, desperately looking for his place in the world. Four people who find themselves thrown into an adventurous journey in search of their destiny. A strange masked man at the time of Nazi Germany. Everyone is looking for something… What are the connections? Behind all this, there’s them: the Guradians. Suspence, dramatic turns of events, adventure: the audience will be drawn in from the first minute and will be holding its breath until the final solution.