Italy, 2013, 28’, col., HD
di Maicol Borghetti
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Antonino Bove, Maicol Borghetti – Fotografia/Cinematography Maicol Borghetti – Montaggio/Editing Maicol Borghetti – Musiche/Music Maicol Borghetti – Interpreti/Cast Serena Ranpon, Matteo Romoli, Alice Bachi, Eleonora Di Vita – Produttore/Producer Antonino Bove, Maicol Borghetti

Dreamers belonging to different epochs materialize monstrous-looking beings. The Acronos, beings from the distant future of humanity, completely made of brain matter, they are actually the bearers of the formula of life without end. With a gesture of generosity the Acronos give humans the formula of immortality. A humanity represented by an old lady at the end of her life, she can now defeat the bond of death and back to the beginning.