Space Metropoliz


Italia, 2012, 99′, col., HD.
di Fabrizio Boni, Giorgio de Finis
Sceneggiatura Paul Mayersberg. From the novel by Walter Tevis – Fotografia Fabrizio Boni, Donatello Conti, Giorgio de Finis, Beppe De Lucia, Antonio Di Domenico – Montaggio Fabrizio Boni, Chiara Horn, Valentina Romano – Musiche Bicchiere Mezzo Pieno, Cobol Pongide, La Distanza della Luna, Sante Rutigliano, Thierry Valentini, ByB Twin, Fabio Lauri, Giammarco Lauri – Grafica e animazione Giulia Barbera e Daniele Zacchi – Produttore Fabrizio Boni, Giorgio de Finis, Luca Argentero – Produzione Irida Produzioni, Inside Productions – Sito officiale

What we are telling is a science fiction story. But it is also a story of coexistence, of sharing and of political commitment. It is the story of an occupation and an artistic provocation, a spaceship and a museum. Metropoliz is an former sausage factory, now abandoned on the outskirts of Rome. One day, a (dis)homogeneous group of Italians, Tunisians, Peruvians, Ukrainians, Africans and Rom break the lock of the gate of the old factory and decided to turn the place into their home. But Metropoliziani are forced to fight, because the people of Earth do not understand how they can live happily, without rules. Tired of always being under siege, one day they decide to escape once and for all. Their plan is simple: build a rocket to go and live on the moon.