Across the River


Italia, 2013, 102′, col., HD.
di Lorenzo Bianchini
Sceneggiatura Michela Bianchini, Lorenzo Bianchini – Fotografia Daniele Trani – Montaggio Fabio Loutfy, Giorgia Loutfy – Musiche Stefano Sciascia – Interpreti Marco Marchese, Renzo Gariup, Lidia Zabrieszach – Visual Effect Edoardo Vojvoda – Produttore Omar Soffici, Gianluca Perrone – Produzione Collective Pictures

Marco Contrada is an ethologist and a naturalist, who reaches the wooded areas of Eastern Friuli, on the border with Slovenia, to carry out his usual work on the census of wild animals. Marco crosses the ford of a turbulent river in his van while rain begins to fall, making it rough. The rain is relentless and Marco has to seek a shelter in the houses of an abandoned village. A country that, time after time, seems to trap him in a kind of ancient curse that continues to live in that lost corner in the woods where solitude reigns supreme. Inhuman screams echo, closer and closer, through the streets of the ghost village.