Sweet Rabbit


Olanda, 2012, 13′, col.
di Camiel Schouwenaar
Sceneggiatura Imme Dros (novel), Camiel Schouwenaar, Maureen Versprille – Fotografia Ezra Reverda – Musiche Kris Berry, Wouter van Bemmel – Interpreti Peter Bolhuis, Alyt Damstra, Anita Menist – Produttore Rinie Jansen, Camiel Schouwenaar, Eric Smit – Produzione CrazyChickenFilm, Smit&Jansen – Sito liefkonijn.nl

Janet lives a lonely married life with her grumpy husband Arnold, until she discovers that her ears are changing into rabbit ears. When the doctor can’t cure her ‘disease’ she is looking for help at her family, but they reject and ignore her for her ears.