113 Degree


USA, 2013, 21′, col.
di Sabrina Doyle
Sceneggiatura Sabrina Doyle – Fotografia Stephen Paar – Montaggio Marian Jiménez – Musiche Alastair King – Interpreti Lizzy Davis, Brian Groh, Karen Kahler – Produttore Matilde Barbagallo – Produzione 113 degree Productions, AFI – Sito 113degreesmovie.com

Francesca and Joe are astronauts who’ve become lovers. Bunkered up in their little spaceship, Earth is a distant reality: everything they want is right here. But now their mission is ending, and Joe’s wife is waiting for him back home. Thinking she’s going to lose him, Francesca takes desperate measures, leading to terrible and unintended consequences.