The Station


[Blutgletscher] Austria, 2013, 93′, DCP, col.
di Marvin Kren
Sceneggiatura Benjamin Hessler – Fotografia Moritz Schultheiss – Montaggio Daniel Prochaska – Musiche Stefan Will, Marco Dreckkötter – Interpreti Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Hille Beseler, Peter Knaack, Felix Römer, Brigitte Kren – Produttore Helmut Grasser – Produzione Allegro Film – Distribuzione internazionale Rezo Films

Janek is a technician on a climate observation station high up in the Alps. He is a loner, the regularly changing scientists who share the rocky idyll with him are just tolerated by him.
So everyone involved is grateful when their barren routine is interrupted by a strange discovery. A red liquid pours from a nearby glacier, melted free from the ice crust shrinking with climate change. This “glacier blood” turns out to be a very special juice, with unimagined effects on the local animals. Soon Janek has his hands full defending himself and the station against a growing horde of monstrosities: biological ones lurking outside, human ones inside.

Born in 1980 in Vienna. Starting out as an assistant in 2000 he gained experience in the areas of directing, cinematography and production as well as working as an actor. During this period, he also studied European Economic and Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna. In 2008 he graduated with his short film Schautag from a two-year course in directing at the Hamburg Media School, where he studied under Stefan Krohmer and Friedmann Fromm. The feature Rammbock was Kren’s directorial debut (winner of Nocturno Nuove Visioni Prize at Trieste in the year 2010).