No Impact Man


USA, 2009, colore, 35 mm, 92′
di Laura Gabbert + Justin Schein
Sceneggiatura Laura Gabbert + Justin Schein – Fotografia Justin Schein – Montaggio William Haugse, Matthew Martin – Musiche Bobby Johnston – Interpreti Colin Beavan, Michelle Conlin – Produttore Dan Cogan – Distribuzione Oscilloscope Pictures – Sito ufficiale

Can we live for a year at zero impact, reducing to a bare minimum our consumption of energy, using no motorized transportation, creating no garbage, and eating only locally produced food? What impact will such a radical choice have on our daily living and lifestyle? The film tells the story of this experiment by writer Colin Beavan, who wanted to see what it means to depend on a system that works by generating waste and unnecessary consumption.