First Squad – The Moment of Truth


[Fasuto Sukuwaddo] Giappone/Russia/Canada, 2009, colore, 35 mm, 73′ Animazione
di Yoshiharu Ashino + Aljosha Klimov + Misha Shprits
Sceneggiatura Hirofumi Nakata, Misha Spirits, Aljosha Klimov – Fotografia Sergey Akimov, João Da Costa Pinto, Kumiko Sakamoto – Montaggio Sergey Akimov, João Da Costa Pinto, Kumiko Sakamoto – Musiche Dj Krush – Produttore
Eiko Tanaka, Misha Spirits, Aljosha Klimov – Distribuzione Golden Network Asia Limited – Sito Ufficiale

1942. The Red Army is putting up a violent and effective resistance against the German invaders. 14-year-old Nadya is a clairvoyant, who is shell-shocked in an air raid. Recovering from her concussion, Nadya discovers a new gift –the ability to foresee the “Moments of Truth”– the most critical moments of future combat encounters, the very points at which a single person’s actions can decide the outcome of a battle.

Yoshiharu Ashino has worked on numerous animation productions and is a member of the team of artists at Studio 4 °C. He debuted as a filmmaker with the series Tweeny Witches (2004).
Aljosha Klimov studied visual arts in Munich and subsequently worked as a graphic designer.
Misha Shprits first studied architecture and then turned to the visual arts.