El Barón contra los Demonios


Spagna, 2006, colore, Digi Beta, 100′
di Ricardo Ribelles
Sceneggiatura Ricardo Ribelles, Fotografia Albert Serradó, Juan A. Castano – Montaggio Juan Carlos Romeu, David Gonzales, Carlos Abel Rodriguez – Interpreti Juan Carlos Romeu, Xavier Bertran, Irene Belza, Alejandro Ribelles, Helena Lecumberri – Distribuzione Ribefex, La Miranda – Sito ufficiale elbaroncontralosdemonios.com

At the end of the 21st Century, the Earth is engaged in a devastating war with the forces of evil, an army of alien invaders known as the Demons. Leading the Earth’s forces is an enigmatic superhero known as the Baron. During an extermination combat mission the Baron is captured, imprisoned by to the seductive witch, Lady Pervertvm, who tortures him until she finally extracts his sperm. Lady Pervertvm uses the Baron’s sperm to impregnate the Beast – Ragnarok – with the intent to create the ultimate race of homicidal Demons. The Baron manages to escape, but tormented by guilt, he begins a bloody war of vengeance in the attempt to save the Earth.