Evangelisti R.A.C.H.E.


Italia, 2003, colore, 35 mm
di Mariano Equizzi
Sceneggiatura Mariano Equizzi tratta dai mondi fantastici di Valerio Evangelisti – Fotografia Mariano Equizzi – Montaggio Luca Liggio – Musiche Paolo Bigazzi – Interpreti Alessandro Mizzi, Fabio Giano, Lorenzo Acquaviva, Maurizio Zacchigna, Roberto Eramo, Giuliano Zannier, Emiliano Reggente, Adelmo Togliani, Fabio Musco, Irina Lazar, Davide Del Degan, Franko Korosec, Marco Casazza, Uros Macek, Diego Reggente

A logical terrorist plans his misdeeds hidden in the darkest folds of the story R.A.C.H.E: (revenge in German) created in the texts of Valerio Evangelisti. At the centre of the narration are polyploids, human-like monsters, characterised by an abnormal internal prolification of the organs, used as provisions for the illegal trade of organs and as an army of invincible automatons. The film, in the form of an inquest, reconstructs the Nazi origins of the organisation, its plots between South America and communist Romania, even in the final clash against Euroforce in the near future. Through interviews, reconstructions and “original” filmings, with the assisstance of the computer Graphic, Equizzi blends elements of real history with the gothic and science fiction moulds.