Ichi the Killer


[Koroshija 1] Giappone, 2001, colore, 35 mm, 130′
di Takashi Miike
Sceneggiatura Sato Sakichi, dai fumetti di Yamamoto Hideo – Fotografia Yamamoto Hideo – Montaggio Shimamura Yasushi – Musiche Karera Musication – Interpreti Asano Tadanobu, Omori Nao, Tsukamoto Shinya, Paulyn Sun

Yazuka boss Anjo disappears mysteriously along with 300 million yen after a night spent with a prostitute. His most loyal men, Kakihara, Kaneko and Takayama, set out to find him only to discover that he’s been killed by a man named Ichi. Kakihara, an expert in horrible torture starts the investigation by causing mayhem in an infamous bar in the red light district. This soon starts a war between the different groups of the Yazuka, Kakihara distinguishing himself from other by his violent methods of getting things done. Prepare yourself for the final show down when Kakihara meets the killer himself…