The House on the Haunted Hill


[The House on the Haunted Hill] USA, 1958, b/n, 35 mm, 75′
di William Castle
Sceneggiatura Robb White, Carl Guthrie – Montaggio Roy Livingston – Musiche Von Dexter – Interpreti Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long, Alan Marshal

The rich and eccentric Mr Loren offers a prize of $10 000 to anyone who can spend the night in a supposedly haunted house that he owns. Four people accept the challenge: the pilot Schroeder who is need of cash, the journalist Ruth Bridges who is always looking for a good story, the psychologist Doctor Trent who is interested professionally and also the young Nora who also wants to win the money prize. Each armed with a pistol, tonight’s guests will have to earn the money by surviving the terrifying apparitions that await. At midnight Loren’s wife is found to have a hung herself in the house and soon after they find a large bowl of acid.