Guerriero – il Premio Asteroide 2018

di Giuliano Comelli

The Asteroid Award of this year is the re-edition of one of the “Warriors”, a series realized by Giuliano Comelli some years ago by using exclusively recycled materials. The idea was born in a period when the artist didn’t have a real atelier at his disposal: and so he tried – using warm glue and a gauze cover which was then painted – to assemble everyday’s life items, making sure they kept their identity and at the same time creating something new.

The common feature of the series was the presence of a weapon and a shield. Vaguely disturbing shapes inspired by the “basilisks”: artificial creatures, skilfully assembled with bits and pieces, which enriched the collections treasured in the “Wunderkammer”.

The character of the series selected to become the 2018 Asteroid Award thus represents also a sort of redemption from the residual fate of the technological gap: art doesn’t understand progress, but only change, mutation.