TS+FF17 – Day 5

Sabato 4 novembre

Honey we’re having a party! The Night of the Body Snatchers starts at 11.30 pm, at Mandracchio with Wolfgang Flür (ex Kraftwerk)!
Wolfgang Flür was a member of Kraftwerk, the four musicians from Düsseldorf who imagined the music of the future. The computer, robotics and global telecommunication at that time may have featured in a very good sci-fi movie, but Kraftwerk were inspired by them to write timeless music. Wolfgang Flür’s proposal for the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival is a dj-set+visuals retracing his career to date.
“Aliens, mutants, hybrid creatures, vampires, zombies, robots and all humans will dance until dawn”.

At 7pm the Aqvedotto caffè will host the Sci-Fi Happy Hour / Games. It’s going to be an evening dedicated to retrogaming and Sci-Fi, with Kenobisboch productions, brotherhood of gentlemen-nerds dedicated to the diffusion of retrogaming culture; founded by Fabio “Kenobit” Bortolotti and Andrea “Bisboch” Babich.

What are rockets and spaceships made of? How do they fly? Co-curated by Trieste’s Science Centre – Immaginario Scientifico, the workshop „Destinazione Spazio LAB!“ will make the young participants learn about the vehicles that projected man into space since the 60s. The workshop will take place at Stazione Rogers from 10am to 12pm and it’s dedicated to kids aged 6 to 10.

Another Destinazione Spazio will take place at the same location at 2.30pm. This one is for girls and boys aged 11 to 14. The experts of Trieste’s Science Centre – Immaginario Scientifico will have an in-depth scientific meeting coupled with the viewing and analysis of the most fascinating sequences of space travel and adventures ever created for the big silver screen.

The third meeting of Futurologia – Docs&Talks at Teatro Miela will take place at 3.30pm and then again at 6.15 pm. At 3.30 pm Paolo Fedrigo will have a discussion with David Monacchi, the creator of the project Fragments of Extinction, after the screening of Dusk Chorus by Nika Šaravanja and Alessandro d’Emilia (2.30 pm, Teatro Miela).
The second Docs&Talks will see director Valerio Jalongo discuss with Marina Cobal; moderator: Fabio Pagan. This will take place after the screening of Jalongo’s The Sense of Beauty (5 pm, Teatro Miela).

If you are more interested in Sci-Fi literature, go to the Antico Caffè San Marco at 10.30 am! At the Science Fiction cafè / letteratura you will find Jacopo Berti and Giorgio Raffaeli presenting the new book series „Altre meraviglie“, a Arthur C. Clarke 100 round-table and a meeting with the Premio Urania 2017 winners Linda De Santi e Piero Schiavo Campo.

For the second part of the Esterno / Giorno tours around the city, starting from Casa del Cinema with film critic Elisa Grando, you will discover the inaccessible locations of the film Il ragazzo invisibile – a virtual tour entirely dedicated to the first Italian teen superhero directed by Gabriele Salvatores.

What could the Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico host other than a beautiful Notte Immaginaria? The physics of interstellar flight will have no more secrets! The children will go to the museum after dinner, the recreational educational activities will be carried out in groups and they will later sleep in sleeping bags inside the museum! In the morning they will have a “scientific” breakfast before going back home.



14.30 Teatro Miela
Dusk Chorus (futorologia-docs&talks)

17.00 Il Rossetti
Rememory (Italian preview)

17.00 Teatro Miela
Il senso della bellezza / Arte e scienza al CERN (futorologia-docs&talks)

20.00 Il Rossetti
Beyond Skyline (Italian preview)

20.00 Teatro Miela
Il guardiano del ghiaccio (Italian preview)

22.15 Teatro Miela
Godzilla (Sci-Fi classix)

22.15 Il Rossetti
It Came From the Desert (Italian preview)

00.15 Teatro Miela
Veronica (Italian preview)


14.00 Il Rossetti

Destroy Madrid
Joseba Alfaro, Spagna, 2016, 9’, HD

Frail (Puppenspiel)
Ares Ceylan, Svizzera, 2016, 18’, HD

Sébastien Vaniček, Francia, 2016, 13’, HD

Tiago Iúri, Portogallo, 2017, 13’, HD

Tomaž Gorkič, Slovenia, 2017, 18’, HD

Astronaut of Featherweight
Dalibor Barić, Croazia, 2017, 27’, HD

A Father’s Day
Mat Johns, GB, 2016, 10’, HD

Kjersti Helen Rasmussen, Norvegia, 2017, 8’, HD

Emil Sallinen, Finlandia, 2016, 9’, HD

The Last Schnitzel
Kaan Arici, Ismet Kurtulus, Danimarca, 2017, 22’, HD