TS+FF 17 – Day 3

Giovedì 2 novembre

The third day of the festival will be the day of the Urania d’argento prize to Sergio Martino.
The career award is given every year by the TS+FF to a leading personality of the fantastic world.

The role of Sergio Martino within the Italian cinema universe is accurately and methodically analysed by Ernesto Gastaldi in the preface to Martino’ autobiography: «66 directions, 44 screenplays, 5 films as director of production. A record of work and success».

Who is Sergio Martino? He defines himself «an eminent trash director», always trying «to balance the insults from the critics at the release of my works in the 70s and 80s, with the praises from the new generations».

Above all, he gave post apocalyptic science-fiction two titles such as 2019: After the Fall of New York and Hands of Steel, two imaginative reconstructions of different worlds realised with makeshift means thanks to a rare imagination.

At 8 pm, at Teatro Miela, don’t miss the screening of his 1983 film 2019: After the Fall of New York.

At 10pm loose yourself to dance at the Hypersonic Party at Round Midnight, with Double G & Glide – with a free entrance! A mix of black and electronic music, selected especially for the science-fiction event. A set that will propel you in hyperspace.

6.30 pm – Teatro Miela
The futurology meetings, which have been balancing science and science-fiction for years within the framework of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival, are being restyled for this year’s edition. The idea is to hold our traditional in-depth meetings, carried out in collaboration with all the research institutes in Trieste, with a focus on documentaries including both the environment-themed ones (in collaboration with ARPA FVG – LaREA) and others which are more unusual as they combine the art-science pair with the imagination of the most daring filmmakers.

The first one is scheduled on Thursday, November 2 at 6.30 pm: we will meet with Carlo Fonda (SciFabLab – ICTP) and the Association Science Industries after the screening of Amateurs in Space by Max Kestner – at 5 pm, Teatro Miela.

At 11am — at the Bar Libreria Knulp – science fiction cafe / short movies Nuovi autori italiani e futuro prossimo. The Italian authors of “Spazio Corto” will meet the students the TS+FF audience.

15.00 Il Rossetti
Kati Kati (Italian preview)

17.00 Teatro Miela
Amateurs in Space (Italian preview)

17.15 Il Rossetti
Cold Skin (Italian preview)

20.00 Il Rossetti
Alone [Seuls] (Italian preview)

20.00 Teatro Miela
2019: After the Fall of New York + Urania D’argento Awards

22.00 Il Rossetti
Hostile (Italian preview)

22.30 Teatro Miela
Plan 9 from Outer Space (Sci-Fi Classix)

00.15 Teatro Miela
Mayhem (Italian preview)

14.30 Teatro Miela
Lucid Dream
Davide Bastolla, Italia, 2017, 6, HD

Michele Bevilacqua, Italia, 2017, 3’, HD

Tabula Rasa
Cristiana Baldini, Italia, 2016, 15’, HD

Water Hunters
Massimo Ottoni, Italia, 2016, 7’, DCP

Brando Bartoleschi, Italia, 2016, 5’, DCP

La macchina umana
Adelmo Togliani, Italia, 2016, 20’, DCP

Press Play
Luca Casartelli, Italia, 2017, 10’, DCP

Federico Scargiali, Italia, 2017, 15’, DCP

Luigi Pietrobono, Italia, 2017, 9’, HD

Linea Oraria
Walter Rastelli, Italia, 2016, 25’, HD