2019. Dopo la caduta di New York (2019: After the Fall of New York)


Italy, France, 1983, 96’
by Martin Dolman [Sergio Martino]
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Julian Berry [Ernesto Gastaldi], Martin Dolman [Sergio Martino], Gabriel Rossini – Fotografia/Cinematography Charlie McFarrow [Giancarlo Ferrando] – Montaggio/Editing Alan Beugen [Eugenio Alabiso] – Musica/Music Oliver Onions – Interpreti/Cast Michael Sopkiw, Valentine Monnier, Anna Kanakis, Roman Geer [Romano Puppo], George Eastman [Luigi Montefiori] – Produttori/Producers Luciano Martino – Produzione/Production Nuova Dania Cinematografica, Medusa Distribuzione, Les Films du Griffon – Distribuzione italiana /Italian Distribution Medusa Distribuzione

Italian-French imitation of Mad Max is a glimpse of a post-holocaust world where splinter factions wage war. Parsifal, a cynical lone wolf, is coerced by rebel forces (The Pan-American Federation) to penetrate the ruins of Manhattan where the evil Euraks hold sway to rescue the only fertile woman on Earth so she can be rocketed to Alpha Centauri. Parsifal’s comrades are a cyborg with a hook hand and a gray-haired warrior who downs foes with steel balls on a wire. The rubble of the Bronx and rat-infested sewers provide effective settings. The acting is unsophisticated but the film gallops along.