L’ultimo sole della notte


Italy, 2016, 106’
by Matteo Scarfò
anteprima italiana / italian premiere
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Matteo Scarfò – Fotografia/Cinematography Emanuele Spagnolo – Montaggio/Editing Lucia Patrizi – Suono/Sound Mario Amelio – Supervisore effetti visivi /Visual Effects Supervisor Roberto Stranges – Interpreti/Cast Andrea Lupia, Alessandra Mortelliti, Danilo Rotundo, Alessandro Damerini – Produttori/Producers Matteo Scarfò, Giovanni Scarfò – Produzione/Production ScarFord Produzioni

After a devastating war in which Italy is involved, the government decides to create a number of safe zones in which people must be confined. In one of these, Zone 13, there is a big building where nothing is missing but everything is in disarray. The building looks like a big magnetic monolith and does not allow the only three people who live there to go. The story develops over two timelines: the present in the Zone and life in the past. What is beyond the fences enclosing their new world within the Zone? Someone will try to find out.