Nausicaa – L’altra Odissea


Italy, 2017, 20’
by Bepi Vigna
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Bepi Vigna – Montaggio/Editing Lorenzo Visi – Musica/Music Matteo Martis – Suono/Sound Romeo Scaccia – Disegni/Drawings Andrea Serio – Animazione e grafica/Animation and graphics Patrizia Principi, Lorenzo Visi – Voci/Voices Mariano Rigillo, Federico Paino, Silvia Siravo – Produttori/Producers Massimo Casula –
Produzione/Production Zena Film Soc. Coop.

Nausicaa, a young princess longing to see the world, meets Ulysses and is fascinated by his tales. After seducing her, the man abandons her. Nausicaa then decides to look for him by visiting the places of his long wandering travels, finding out the often petty truth behind his incredible stories.