Italy, 2016, 15’
by Alessia Capuccini, Gioacchino D’Amico
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Gioacchino D’Amico, Gioacchino D’Amico – Fotografia/Cinematography Gioacchino D’Amico –
Montaggio/Editing Gioacchino D’Amico, Gioacchino D’Amico – Musica/Music Enrico Nisati – Effetti speciali/Special Effects Andrea Pertegato – Interpreti/Cast Marino Masé, Pietro De Silva, Dana Keilani – Produttori/Producers Alessia Capuccini, Gioacchino D’Amico, Christian Rizzo – Distribuzione Internazionale/International Distribution

Works of art and antiques are strictly banned by the Regime, because they lack the Esoteric Certification. These objects, taken away from the people, with the excuse of being dangerous, are later sold through bidding to foreign collectors. Saria, a young farm girl hides under the soil an ancient Arabic terracotta, the only keepsake of her mother.