It Came from the Desert


Finland, UK, 2017, 89’
by Marko Mäkilaakso
anteprima italiana/ italian premiere
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Marko Mäkilaakso, Hank Woon, Trent Haaga – Fotografia/Cinematography Juge Heikkilä –
Montaggio/Editing Joona Louhivuori – Musica/Music Mika Mäkilaakso – Interpreti/Cast Alex Mills, Harry Lister-Smith, Vanessa Grasse – Produttori/Producers Teemu Virta, Bob Portal, Inderpal Singh – Produzione/Production Roger! Pictures, Alliance Media Partners – Distribuzione internazionale/International Distribution Raven Banner –
Distribuzione italiana/Italian Distribution Minerva Pictures

A pulpy, action monster movie, inspired by Cinemaware’s cult 1980s videogame It Came from the Desert. A nostalgic tribute to creature features from the 1950s, It Came from the Desert features rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases, romantic insecurities… and of course giant ants! Finland’s Roger! Pictures partnered with US-based legendary game developer Cinemaware to produce a motion picture adaptation of the classic 1980s game.