France, 2017, 83’
by Mathieu Turi
anteprima italiana/ italian premiere
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Mathieu Turi – Fotografia/Cinematography Vincent Vieillard-Baron – Montaggio/Editing Joel Jacovella – Musica/Music Frédéric Poirier – Interpreti/Cast Brittany Ashworth, Grégory Fitoussi, Javier Botet –
Produttori/Producers Thomas Lubeau, Eric Gendarme, Olivier Chateau – Produzione/Production Full Time Films –
Distribuzione internazionale/International Distribution All Rights Entertainment – Distribuzione italiana/Italian Distribution Twelve Entertainment

After a devastating epidemic has hit the Earth, only a few thousand human beings have survived. In the harsh condition the planet has been left in they have to struggle to find food and shelter. In their quest for survival they discover they are not alone: strange creatures haunt the grounds to go hunting at night and force them to hide. Juliette has survived the apocalypse. Her life in the past has taught her to struggle and fight for herself. One day, on her way back to the camp base driving in the deserted landscape, she loses control of the car. With a broken leg, she is stuck and trapped, lost in the middle of nowhere. Something is coming…