Il senso della bellezza – Arte e scienza al CERN (The Sense of Beauty)


Switzerland, Italy, 2017, 75’
by Valerio Jalongo
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Valerio Jalongo – Fotografia/Cinematography Alessandro Pesci, Leandro Monti – Montaggio/Editing Massimo Fiocchi – Musica/Music Maria Bonzanigo, Carlo Crivelli – Produttori/Producers Silvana Bezzola Rigolini, M. Letizia Mancini, Tiziana Soudani – Produzione/Production Amka Films Productions, RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera, Ameuropa International – Distribuzione italiana/Italian Distribution Officine UBU

Four years after the sensational discovery of the Higgs boson, CERN is on the brink of a new, exceptional experiment, a journey to the most distant time and the smallest of spaces we can imagine at the same time. The infinitely small and the vastity of the universe open the doors of an invisible territory, where scientists and artists are inspired by the same things. Machinery looks like artworks and art installations look like scientific experiments. A portrait of both science and art as investigation, imagination, as a true exercise of freedom.