About Family (De familia)


Mexico, 2017, 25’
by Adrián Pallares
Anteprima italiana / Italian premiere
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Adrián Pallares – Fotografia/Cinematography Maximiliano Aguilar – Montaggio/Editing Adrián Pallares – Musica/Music Jorge Sosa – Suono/Sound Jorge delaTorre – Interpreti/Cast Arcelia Ramírez, Noé Hernández, Alenka Ríos Hart, Erick Israel Consuelo, Gael Pons – Produttori/Producers Adrián Pallares, Nila Guiss – Production Designer/Art Director Frida Zaldívar – Produzione/Production ATLArts& SAE Institute

A family gathers and sells waste. One day, the mother finds a cylinder in an abandoned hospital and takes it home. The family situation becomes worse when, without them realizing it, the cylinder begins to change them from within…