Spain, 2016, 10’
by Aleix Castro
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Aleix Castro – Fotografia/Cinematography Anna Marszal – Montaggio/Editing Marc Joan Garrido – Musica/Music Daniel Poza, Pablo Suarez – Supervisore effetti visivi/Visual Effects Supervisor Aleix Castro – Interpreti/Cast Julia Estornell, Edgar Moreno – Produttori/Producers Josep Oller – Produzione/Production El Dedo en el Ojo

In the near future, a neuronal implant has been developed to automate mechanical work. The person with the implant remains unconscious during the time the implant is active.
Laura, a factory worker, refuses to implant the microchip. Their friends and whole society will gradually adopt this new way of life: small fragmented timelapses.