Finland, 2016, 9’
by Emil Sallinen
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Emil Sallinen – Fotografia/Cinematography Jonatan Sundström – Montaggio/Editing Leo Liesvirta – Suono/Sound Pontus Borg – Musica/Music Jonatan Seeskari – Supervisore Effetti Visivi/Visual Effects Supervisor Miika Puustinen, Jyri Jernström – Interpreti/Cast Sara Soulié, Jonathan Hutchings, Henry Hanikka –
Produttori/Producers Emil Sallinen – Produzione/Production Clutch Production

Maryam, a rebel leader in an archaic world governed by ruthless religion, is determined to prove that the huge metallic object hovering in the sky is not as god as the priesthood claims. During a mission she runs into a holy warrior, Thesus. Soon Maryam and Thesus are forced to reveal a secret only a god can keep.