Plan 9 from Outer Space


USA, 1959, 79’
by Edward D. Wood Jr
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay Edward D. Wood Jr. – Fotografia/Cinematography Willliam C. Thompson – Montaggio/Editing Edward D. Wood Jr. – Interpreti/Cast Tor Johnson, Vampira, Tom Keene, Gregory Walcott, Bela Lugosi – Produttore/Producer Edward D. Wood Jr. – Produzione/Production Reynolds Pictures – Distribuzione italiana /Italian Distribution Rising Alternative

Aliens are trying to conquer the Earth, apparently to stop humans from destroying it by using nuclear weapons. In order to do so, they implement the so-called Plan 9, resurrecting dead humans as zombies and vampires to fight humans. But air pilot Jeff Trent (Gregory Walcott) is dead set on fighting the aliens. No point trying to summarize the plot further: this is the most iconic amongst Ed Wood’s films and it is therefore totally nonsensical by definition.