Train to Busan


South Korea 2016, 118’
by YEON Sang-ho
Sceneggiatura/Screenplay PARK Joo-suk – Fotografia/Cinematography LEE Hyung-deok – Montaggio/Editing YANG Jin-mo –
Musica/Music JANG Young-gyu – Interpreti/Cast GONG Yoo, KIM Jung-hee, JUNG Yu-mi, DON Lee, CHOI Woo-shik, AN So-hui
– Produttori/Producers KIM Yeon-ho – Produzione/Production Redpeter Films – Distribuzione Italiana/Italian Distribution Tucker Film

Everything begins at Seoul’s station, where a group of passengers – unaware as only the characters of a survival horror can be! – step on the train which is supposed to take them to Busan. It’s supposed to. A mysterious epidemic, in fact, is spreading in South Korea at the speed of light: out of the windows and… inside the carriages. Will our heroes defeat the enemy?