The Open


France, Belgium, UK 2016, 103’
di Marc Lahore
Sceneggiatura, Fotografia /Screenplay, Cinematography Marc Lahore – Musica/Music dDamage – Effettivi Visivi/Visual Effects Guillaume Crampette – Interpreti/Cast James Northcote, Maia Levasseur-Costil, Pierre Benoist – Produttori/Producers Cyril Cadars – Produzione/Production Village 42

Bombs have exploded. The war is global. Yet André and Stéphanie won’t give up: Roland Garros is their life, the reason why they live – their history. And come what may, they will organize their Open, whatever the cost. Even without any rackets, even without any balls, by the sheer strength of their faith. They believe in it. So hard they could even convince Ralph –a guerrilla from the plain– to join them, lay down his weapons, take his racket once more and try his luck in the final: Roland Garros! Three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream – even though life is turning into a farce, even though the world is coming to an end.