Trieste Science+Fiction 2016

Edizione 16 | 1 – 6 novembre 2016

In 1926 Hugo Gernsback founded in the United States the first magazine completely dedicated to science fiction literature, “Amazing Stories”, thus establishing the existence of a genre which the authors already knew very well but which still didn’t have a name.
In 1976 the International Science Fiction Film Festival in Trieste remembered the 50th anniversary of this event with an exhibition dedicated to pulp magazines at the Castle of San Giusto.
In that same year, the retrospective Fant’Italia, organized by La Cappella Underground, ventured – for the first time in a systematic manner – into the research of the Italian fantastic, among lost celluloids and repertoire films, widely anticipating the more recent secret stories of our cinema, which have caused its rediscovery and revaluation on a global scale.
This is where the 16th edition of the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival starts from. In the DNA of the event there is always the good old Science Fiction Festival, but in the algorithm that animates us in the cockpit there is above all the spirit of research at 360 degrees, to bring on stage the best and the most recent independent sci-fi productions coming from all the corners of planet Earth. This is also the reason why in this 16th edition the cinéphiles will benefit of one extra day of program.
But the Festival broadens its range of action especially in a multidisciplinary direction, if in the age of crossover this term can still be used. More music, with the ultra sounds “made in FVG” of the opening concert of TARM and of those by DJ Yoda during the Invasion of the Body Snatchers Night.
More comics, with the o cial image signed by Davide Toffolo and the exhibition of Nathan Never in the 25th anniversary of the most popular science fiction series in Italy. More video games, with the vintage video game space Play It Again. More animation and stop motion, with two dedicated labs. More attention to the industry dimension and to training, with the first Fantastic Film Forum open to the professionals of the sector. More science, with the Futurology Meetings in collaboration with the most prestigious scientific institutions of our territory and Future Environment screenings. More attention to the younger audience, with a greater number of initiatives dedicated to schools and teenagers. More of Trieste, with Esterno/Giorno walks through the movie scene locations in town. More dramatics, with an exceptional guest star and Urania Life Achievement award who has seen things you people wouldn’t believe…
It is no chance that in our vision between science and fiction there is a plus!
And so, quoting a song particularly in tune with the image of this edition of the Festival: “Come one, come all. The incredible spetaculo de la vida, the incredible spetaculo de la muerte!”. And we’d like to add: “the incredible show of scientia, the incredible show of fantasia!”


Almost Dead / Giorgio Bruno
Approaching the Unknown / Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Attack of the Lederhosenzombies / Dominik Hartl Rosenberg
Blind Sun /Joyce A. Nashawati
Creative Control / Benjamin Dickinson
Embers /Claire Carré
Kill Command / Steve Gomez
Mon Ange / Harry Cleven
Monolith / Ivan Silvestrini
The Open / Marc Lahore
Realive / Mateo Gil
The Rift / Dejan Zečević
Sum of Histories / Lukas Bossuyt
Under the Shadow / Babak Anvari
Virtual Revolution / Guy-Roger Duvert
Vulcania / José Skaf

Neon – Fuori Concorso

Daemonium:soldado del inframundo / Pablo Parés
For the Love of Spock / Adam Nimoy
I am not a Serial Killer / Billy O’Brien
Ludo / Nikon, Q
Morgan / Luke Scott
La rage du démon / Fabien Delage
Seoul Station / YEON Sang-ho
Southbound / Roxanne Benjamin, David Bruckner, Patrick Horvath, Radio Silence
Terraformars / Takashi Miike
Train to Busan / YEON Sang-ho
Zero Days / Alex Gibney

European Fantastic Shorts

Arene / Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Blight / Kate Walshe, Christopher Goodman
Bruce Gallagan / Pau Perramon
Getting Fat in a Healthy Way / Kevork Aslanyan
Hilde / Felix Knoche
I need my space / Jesse Pohjonen
Inner Land / Vivian Papageorgiou
Into the mud / Pablo Pastor
Iron Mountain / Romain Brachet, Sébastien Fraud, Alexandre Guerre, Damien Kessler, Maxime Marline
Mars IV / Guillaume Rieu
Mechanical / Alba Capilla
The Plan / Pierre Teulières
Queen Kong / Monica Stambrini
Redux / Vitaly Verlov
Story of R32 / Vladimir Vlasenko
Till death do us part / Alexander Schulz
Trial / Keith Lynch, David T. Lynch
White Collar / Natalia Lampropoulou

Fantastic Shorts – Out of Competition

The Babysitter / Frédéric Chalté
Deux escargots s’en vont / Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Romain Segaud
The Disappearance of Willie Bingham / Matthew Richards
Dawn of the Deaf / Rob Savage
Eigengrau / Tomer Yaacoby
The Garden / Natalia Iyudin
Golden Shot / Gökalp Gönen
Homunculus / Exequiel Sambucetti
Lunatique / Gabriel Kalim Mucci
Never Tear Us Apart / Sid Zanforlin
No compassion no mercy / Juanan J. Arasa
Quenottes / Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro
Reset / Jeremy Lutter
Saint Frankenstein / Scooter McCrae
Sector D / Eldar Shibanov
The Tunnel / André Øvredal
When Susurrus Stirs / Anthony Cousins

Spazio Italia

Ballad in Blood / Ruggero Deodato
Blood on Méliès’ Moon (La porta sui mondi) / Luigi Cozzi
East End / Skanf & Puccio

Spazio Corto

Asphyxia / Alessandra Angeli
Can you decide / Lu Pulici
Djinn Tonic / Domenico Guidetti
Hitchhike / Filippo Cinotti
Hypogeum / Alessandro Moscatt, Alessandro Della Villa
Italy 2050 / Pablo Apiolazza
Nuova era / Manuele Trullu
Selezione artificiale / Fabio Fossati
US / Cristiano Gazzarrini
Who is the superhero? / Antonino Valvo

Spazio Web

Blatta / Daniele Ciprì
Onyros / Marco Businaro, Cristian Tomassin
Dystopian: Lovesong / Stefano Moro


Il figlio di Dracula / Corrado Farina
Il gatto a nove code / Dario Argento
Dawn of the Dead – European Cut / George Romero
Per aspera ad astra / Ričard Viktorov
Solaris / Andrej Tarkovskij