The Gerber Syndrome


Italia, 2010, colore, 85′
di Maxi’ Dejoie
Sceneggiatura Maxì Dejoie – Fotografia Stefano Rogliatti – Musiche Enrico Ascoli – Interpreti Valentina Bartolo, Sax Nicosia, Luigi Piluso, Pia Panciotti, Beppe Rosso – Distribuzione Indastria Film -Sito ufficiale

A kiss. A handshake. A simple hug… We all know how easy it is to get infected by a virus. But this time its not just any virus. It’s the Gerber syndrome, a new pathology that doesn’t look like a normal flu. A TV crew is making a documentary about this new pathology. It’s the Gerber syndrome, a highly contagious virus with devastating effects. The truth is revelead, and it is way more terrifing than what the authorities want us to believe. Because the Gerber syndrome is already between us. And it’s very, very contagious…