Russia, 2010, color, 35 mm, 154′
di Alexandr Zeldovich
Sceneggiatura Vladimir Sorokin, Alexander Zeldovich – Fotografia Alexandre Ilkhovski – Montaggio Neil Farrell, Andrey Nazarov – Musiche Leonid Desyatnikov – Interpreti Vitaly Kishchenko, Danila Kozlovskiy, Nina Loshchinina, Daniela Stoyanovich, Maksim Sukhanov – Distribuzione Beta Cinema

Russia, 2020. The country is thriving, stability prevails. Yet the elite is unhappy. A nameless anguish grips the wealthy, influential top levels of society. What plagues them is the steady decline of their youth and lust for life. But one day they learn that they can retain their youthful looks: in the Altai Mountains, near the Mongolian border, lies an abandoned Soviet-era secret facility called “the Target,”. It is believed that anyone who spends time in the center of this dish returns rejuvenated, vigorous. But at what price?

Aleksandr Zeldovich graduated from psychology department of the Moscow State University and Higher Courses of Screenwriters and Directors. He worked for the Russian film studio Mosfilm. In 1990 he made his feature debut with Zakat.