Italia, 2010, colore, 35 mm, 90′
di Mario d’Anna
Sceneggiatura Mario d’Anna – Fotografia Mario d’Anna – Montaggio Mario d’Anna – Musica Mario d’Anna – Interpreti Marco Casazza, Stefano Mangoni, Federica Restani, Silvia Benedini, Elio Aldrighetti – Sito ufficiale

A man loses his wife in an accident in which he survives. In order to suppress a strong sense of guilt he falls into a state of depression and addiction to alcohol and drugs. Until a friend – who works as a computer designer for Quam, a company specialized in mental treatments based on an advanced form of virtual reality – broaches a proposal… It’s the beginning of a nightmare.

Mario d’Anna was born in the province of Brindisi on August 22, 1977. He lived ten years between Libya and Saudi Arabia, has a degree in Directing and Film Production and Television at the “Cinestudio” Academy in Bologna. He directed the short films Il velo and X9. Quam is his first feature film.