Il pianeta errante


[Planet on the Prowl] Italia, 1965, b/n-colore, 35 mm, 91′
di Antonio Margheriti
Sceneggiatura Ivan Reiner, Renato Moretti – Fotografia Riccardo Pallottini – Montaggio Otello Colangeli – Musiche
Angelo F. Lavagnino – Interpreti Tony Russell Ruo, Jane Fate, Massimo Serato, Carlo Giustizi, Franco Nero

mysterious planet, out of orbit, generates earthquakes and other cataclysms, travelling through space at great speed in the direction of Earth. The danger of a possible collision and total destruction of our planet is more than a fear. To avoid this Armageddon, a small team of heroes: Roy Jackson, Doubrowsky Terry, a beautiful girl, and few others, aboard a spaceship, are able to reach the hostile planet and land on it with small space modules. In the third film of the “Quadrilogy Gamma One”, an important changes occurs between the leading characters: Tony Russell leaves his place to Jack Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) and Lisa Gastoni to Ombretta Colli. Compared to Battle of the Worlds, in this film Margheriti put more care into creating an atmosphere rich with the characters’ tension and fear, than the danger of the destruction of the Earth.