Who Killed the Electric Car?


USA, 2006, colore, 35 mm, 92′
di Chris Paine
Sceneggiatura Chris Paine – Fotografia Thaddeus Wadleigh – Montaggio Michael Kovalenko, Chris A. Peterson – Musiche
Michael Brook – Interpreti Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Ralph Nader, Martin Sheen, Reverend Gadget – Produttore
Dean Devlin – Distribuzione Sony Pictures – Sito ufficiale whokilledtheelectriccar.com

All-electric cars debuted on California streets in 1996. The compact yet comfortable non-polluting vehicles were the carmakers’ (GM and Toyota in particular) answer to lifting California’s ill-famed smog. Driving one became widely popular, until the upper echelons of finance and politics drove them off the road. In a manner that is both accurate and compelling, aided by the testimony of guest stars Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks and Ralph Nader, consumer rights movement leader, and narrated by Martin Sheen. Chris Paine’s film recounts the events leading to the demise of the electric car.