La antena


Argentina, 2007, b/n, 35 mm, 90′
di Esteban Sapir
Sceneggiatura Esteban Sapir – Fotografia Cristian Cottet – Montaggio Pablo Barbieri Carrera – Musiche Leo Sujatovich – Interpreti Alejandro Urdapilleta, Valeria Bertuccelli – Prouttore Juan Aguirre, Federico Rotstein – Distribuzione Mdc Int. – Sito ufficiale

In the middle of a long harsh winter, a whole city has been left without a voice. Mr. TV, a wicked, ruthless man, is the sole owner of the images that illustrate and breathe life into the city, as well as of an extensive chain of products that bear his personal seal. He is implementing a sinister, secret plan to subjugate all of the souls who live there forever more.