Wicked Flowers


Giappone, 2006, Colore, Digi Beta, 85′
di Torico
Montaggio Hitoki Yamaguchi – Musiche Masahiko Kurahori – Interpreti Motoki Fukami, Masahiro Toda, Yoshiichi Kawada, Keisuke Urushisaki, Teruko Hanahara – Produzione Cocoon

One day, Miroku receives a packet of tissues with the following advertisement inside. “We are seeking people who crave a unique experience. Contact: www.ikerushinibana. com”. Miroku soon finds out that it is a game website running under a membership system. Candidates who pass the screening test can enrol in the game. The winner will receive a cash prize. Miroku, a game lover, decides to have a go and soon receives a notification that he had become a successful applicant. However, he doesn’t yet know that this is only a beginning of the game that will jeopardise his entire life. Miroku soon encounters freakish people who ask him weird questions, and sees participants die one after the other. But what is the real purpose of the game?