Trieste Science+Fiction 2005


2005. S+F takes wing
Science+Fiction enters the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation, created in the 90s to promote the production of this genre through a network of events that were often started taking the Festival in Trieste as a model.
Apart from the nine films competing for the Asteroide, there is a new section – European Fantastic Shorts – for the best European fantastic short film, awarded with the Méliès d’or.
On the agenda there is also a tribute to Jules Verne as it is the centenary of his death and the third and last chapter of Brit Invaders!, the retrospective exhibition dedicated to the British Sci-Fi production from the 60s to the contemporary authors. To come full circle, the homonymous volume, curated by I.Q. Hunter and Chiara Barbo, is published.
The board – Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Roy Menarini, Kim Newman, Alena Shumakova


Ainoa / Marco Kalantari
Beneath Still Waters / Brian Yuzna
The Birthday / Eugenio Mira
Brothers of the Head / Louis Pepe + Keith Fulton
Casshern / Kiriya Kazuaki
C.S.A.: Confederate State of America / Kevin Willmott
The District! / Áron Gauder
Firefly: Serenity / Joss Whedon
First On The Moon / Alexey Fedorchenko
Eli, Eli, Lema Sabachthani / Aoyama Shinji
G.O.R.A. / Ömer Faruk Sorak
Hellevator / Hiroki Yamaguchi
Mirrormask / Dave McKean
Nothing / Vincenzo Natali
Nuit Noire / Olivier Smolders
La Peau Blanche / Daniel Roby
The Piano Tuner of the Earthquake / Stephen Quay + Timothy Quay
Puzzlehead / James Bai / Asteroid Award Winner
Serenity / Joss Whedon
Steamboy / Katsuhiro Otomo
Vital / Shinya Tsukamoto

Corti / Shorts

A 639 Baba / Andras Gyorgy Dési, Gabor Moray
A Message from Outer Space / Roel Mondelaers, Raf Reyntjens
El Gran Zambini / Igor Legarreta
Här Ligger Jag / Neil Bell
Hate Me / Kristoph Tassin
Invasion of the Planet Earth / Moritz Langer
Pauv’vieux / Grégory Valery
Scribble / Faisal A. Qureshi
El Soñador / Oskar Santos
Terra Incognita / Peter Volkart
Ver Weg / Jan Doense

Brit Invaders!

1984 / Michael Anderson
28 Giorni Dopo / Danny Boyle
Base Luna chiama Terra / Nathan Juran
Brazil / Terry Gilliam
Code 46 / Michael Winterbottom
…E la Terra Prese Fuoco / Val Guest
Gorgo / Eugene Lourié
Guida Galattica per Autostoppisti / Garth Jennings
Mysterious Island / Cy Endfield
Quatermass and the Pit / Roy Ward Baker
Time Bandits / Terry Gilliam
The Sorcerers / Michael Reeves
Unearthly Stranger / John Krish
L’Uomo che Cadde sulla Terra / Nicolas Roeg
Il Villaggio dei Dannati / Wolf Rilla

Omaggio a Jules Verne

Le Avventure Straordinarissime di Saturnino Farandola / Marcel Fabre, Luigi Maggi
A la Conquête du Pôle / Georges Melies
Deux Cent Milles Lieues sous les Mers / Georges Melies
La Diabolica Invenzione / Karel Zeman
Le Voyage à travers l’Impossible / Georges Melies
Le Voyage dans la Lune / Georges Melies
Il dirigibile rubato / Karel Zeman