Donde nacen y mueren los sueños: Katuwira


Spagna, 1995, colore, 35 mm, 85′
di Inigo Vallejo – Nagera Zobel De Ayala
Sceneggiatura Inigo Vallejo-Nagera, Tim Sexton – Fotografia Flavio Martinez – Montaggio Carlos Bolado – Musiche
Suso Saiz – Interpreti Gabriela Roel, Damian Alcazar, Bruno Bichir, Mario lvan Martlnez

Sofia, a young and introverted worker, meets Nicolas, a strange man dressed completely in yellow. When he mysteriously disappears soon after, the girl decides to look for him, heading to a tough area in Mexico where Nicolas had business relations with a darkly dressed scientist named Caronte. In reality, Nicolas had searched out Caronte for his help, wanting to find a legendary place where a very rare and special flower grows.