Neco je ve vzduchu


Cecoslovacchia, 1981, colore, 35mm, 78′
di Ludvík Ráza
Sceneggiatura Drahoslav Makovicka – Fotografia Josef Illík – Musica Milos Vacek – Interpreti Vladimír Dlouhý, Zlata Adamovská, Vlastimil Brodský

The Batonicek family are dedicating themselves to a big clean-up when, inadvertently, the urn containing the grandfather’s ashes falls out of the window, into the street. Alice, who caused the accident, runs to the street to pick up the pot, but she can’t find the ashes. Surprised, she demands explanations from her parents and grandmother, who, in the end, tell her the truth. On the 12th September 1946, Rudolf Jenik, her grandfather, didn’t die, but simply disappeared in the city of Telc. Alice decides to uncover the mystery and with the help of her friend Pets, she goes to the old shoemaker Jebady. He gives her a huge package, the complete work of Professor Jenik who dedicated his whole life to the construction of a temporal accelerator. Petr, a physics student, realises that the use of this accelerator can take you back in time, to any period within the existence of the instrument. Petr decides to build the accelerator using more modern techniques to launch their journey to the 12th September 1946.