Francia, 1981, colore, 35mm, 120′
di Christian de Chalonge
Sceneggiatura Christian de Chalonge, Pierre Dumayet, Robert Merle – Fotografia Jean Penzer – Montaggio Henri Lanoë – Musica Gabriel Yared – Interpreti Michel Serrault, Jacques Dutronc, Jacques Villeret – Produzione Antenne-2, Anthea Film, Les Films Gibé

Malevil, a castle in South West France, is situated in the green and sunny countryside. The owner, Emmanuel, who is also mayor of the nearby village brings his friends to his cellar for a wine-tasting. Suddenly outside, there is a huge explosion. The walls of the cellar become unbearably hot, the bottles explode, the castle-owner and his friends, the maid and her son are thrown to the floor. What happened?
When the cellar door finally opens, the survivors emerge from the ruined castle while a strange rain of debris and particles falls from the sky. The countryside has turned into a lunar landscape, pervaded by silence and fear. Some men, an old woman and a young girl join them from the village, which has also been destroyed. They no longer know who or where they are. The biggest fear of the atomic age has become a reality. Little by little, the survivors try to reorganise themselves into a small community and Emmanuel becomes the leader.