Cherez Ternii k Zvyozdam


URSS, 1982, colore, 35mm, 148′
di Richard Viktorov, Nikolai Viktorov
Sceneggiatura Kir Bulychyov, Richard Viktorov – Fotografia Shandor Berkeshi, Aleksandr Rybin – Montaggio Lyubov Pushkina – Musica Aleksei Rybnikov – Interpreti Yelena Metyolkina, Vadim Ledogorov, Uldis Lieldidz – Produzione
Goskino, M-Film, Maksim Gorki Studio

In the 23rd century, a reconnaissance starship named Puškin discovers, in the depth of the Universe, a spaceship of unknown origin. The discoverers found an artificial humanoid among the dead crew, a girl named Nijja who shows some unique qualities like immediate deportation in space and superhuman physical power. Nijja, who is experiencing memory loss, is brought back to Earth, where she suddenly remembers that she was born on the planet Dessa. Later, an expedition from the Earth departs to save life on the dying planet of Dessa, and the girl secretly boards the starship. A brand new digital restoration – carried out in 2015 by Nikolaj Viktorov – of the original version of the film that was awarded the Silver Asteroid in Trieste in 1982.