FIFF 1978

1978. Fant’America 2.0
Dante Pisani, an artist from Muggia, signs the 16th Festival edition image.
Aside from the films taking part in the contest, Fant’America 2 takes place. It is the second part of the exhibition which started the previous year and it focuses on the serials from USA before 1941, recovered by the Cappella Underground staff and Stuart Rosenthal.

The Films

5 minuti dalla catastrofe / Anatoli Ivanov
Alternative 3 / Christopher Miles
Cinema 16: Photo-souvenir / Edmond Sèchan
Coz takhle dat si spenat / Vaclav VorlÌcek
End of the world / John Hayes
The Glitterball / Harley Cokeliss
Invisible Adversaries / Valie Export
Operazione Ganimede / Rainer Erler
Space Crusier Yamato / Toshio Masuda
Terrore ad Amityville Park / Norman J. Warren
Terrore nel buio / Michael Patakin
L’uomo laser / Michael Rae