FIFF 1975


1975. Drawing science-fiction
An ants army, after fighting against mankind, dominates the Earth starting a new phase for the planet. Saul Bass’ “Phase IV” is at the border between science and fantasy and captivates the jury, led by Harry Harrison for this year.
A retrospective exhibition, with a film selection curated by La Cappella Underground, is dedicated to Jack Arnold.
For the first time comics are present in the festival. And it is a great success. The Science-Fiction Comics Exhibition, which takes place in Bastione Fiorito, in Castle of San Giusto, presents this phenomenon exposing one hundred black-and-white photo-murals and projecting 160 colored diapositives.

The Films

Das blaue Palais S1E1: Das Genie / Rainer Erler
Chosen Survivors / Sutton Roley
La città dell’ultima paura / Carlo Ausino
Creation of the Damned / Josè Ulloa
Fase IV: distruzione Terra / Saul Bass
Golden Ophelia / Marcel Martin
Moskva-Kassiopeya / Richard Viktorov
Parapsycho – Spektrum der Angst / Peter Patzak
Expulsion of the Devil / Juan Luis Buòuel
La terra dimenticata dal tempo / Kevin Connor