Akce Bororo


Cecoslovacchia, 1973, colore, 35mm, 90′
di Otakar Fuka
Sceneggiatura I. Drahnovská, Otakar Fuka, Drahoslav Makovicka – Fotografia Josef Hanus – Montaggio Jan Chaloupek – Musica Petr Hapka – Interpreti Svatopluk Matyás, Bozidara Turzonovová, Karel Augusta – Produzione Filmové studio Barrandov

A man and a woman from a different planet come to the Earth to get a cure for a disease that is apparently threatening to eradicate their civilization. It can only be stopped by a drug made by an Amazonian Indian tribe named Bororo. Only one man on Earth seems to know how to get to the tribe, and the aliens are not the only ones who want to get hold of the drug…